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TerraNova practice test help students perform at their very best, especially important during a time where so much is contingent upon standardized test results. From the ability of a student to advance to the next grade to the federal funding received by a school or district, the TerraNova standardized achievement test has grown in both importance and popularity.

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The Importance of the TerraNova Standardized Test

The TerraNova test was developed by an educational company, McGraw-Hill, to measure a student's relative performance in a variety of subjects against children in their own grade. The TerraNova covers a wide range of subjects, including science, social studies, spelling, reading, language and mathematics. The specific topics covered depend on the grade of the student, with skills and subjects becoming more advanced with each passing year.

The TerraNova test has been used for many years in conjunction with other tests, such as the California Achievement Test, also known as the CAT. Recently, the TerraNova has been updated to reflect the testing environment standards put into place in many states to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act. Subsequently, the TerraNova can prepare a student for their state standardized tests and give an indication of their probable performance.

Bright Education TerraNova Practice Tests

Our TerraNova practice tests provide a realistic simulation of the types and topics of questions that are posed on the real exam. We provide students with tips on how to approach the test, from how to manage their time to how to eliminate incorrect answers quickly. Our goal is to not only help students perform well on the test, but also to deeply learn the subject matter.

Once they have taken the test, we evaluate their performance the same way the TerraNova test is evaluated. The results show a comparison of the student's performance against others in their grade level. A detailed report will also display problem areas that can be focused upon in future studies, and the student can go back to review missed questions and their correct answers. TerraNova Practice

The TerraNova practice tests are available for every grade level covered by the actual test, from kindergarten through high school. TerraNova practice tests can help your children or students by allowing them to take the test in a relaxed environment without the pressure of an actual test. This way, they will gain confidence in their abilities and be ready when it is time to take the actual TerraNova test.



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